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Trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. Proponent of IFS, EFT, and eclectic therapy methods. I enjoy helping others succeed at reclaiming their self esteem & confidence. My mind is highly creative and I love to create beauty in the world.
When Alcohol Abuse Leads to Sexual Assault

When Alcohol Abuse Leads To Sexual Assault

The Influence of Alcohol in Sexual Assault Lately, there have been many highly profiled stories about sex scandals.  Quite a few of these scandals involved...

Must Read

Must Read

Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Download DANGERS OF DRINKING AND DRIVING PDF Driving drunk is one of the most irrational decisions that an individual can ever make. Often, even those...

Getting Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment For Alcohol Addiction Drinking alcohol too often, too much and too fast may result in a host of alcohol-related problems. With a good number...

Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame

Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame
Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame Alcoholism is a complex disorder that only recently we have begun to understand. Researchers are still discovering and...

Alcoholism Across The Nation: California

Alcoholism Across The Nation" California Alcohol Abuse Statistics
Alcohol Abuse in California California is the largest state in the country with the highest population in the nation. Alcohol abuse is something that millions...

Alcoholism Across The Nation: New Hampshire

Alcoholism Across The Nation: New Hampshire
Statistics on Alcohol Abuse in New Hampshire The unfortunate situation of alcohol abuse has created problems all across the continental United States. The problem differs...