Am I An Alcoholic? Quiz - Alcoholism Quiz

Am I An Alcoholic Quiz

Do you have an Alcohol Use Disorder?  Perhaps you’re wondering if your drinking has become too much, or if you’re at risk for becoming an alcoholic. Maybe you’re just worried about someone else and are looking for a quick way to assess their behavior!

This Am I An Alcoholic Quiz will help you to figure out whether you’re on the right track, need to keep a close eye on your potentially risky drinking behavior, or need to consider quitting drinking altogether.

1How often do you consume alcohol weekly?

A. Not even once a week
B. Once or twice a week
C. Three times a week

2How much do you drink in one sitting?

A. One drink or less
B. One to two drinks
C. Three or more drinks

3Do you consume more than the recommended limit?

(For men: no more than 14 drinks per week or 4 drinks per occasion. For women: no more than 7 drinks per week or 3 drinks per occasion)

A. No
B. Occasionally
C. More often than not

4Do you disguise your drinking habits?

(Sneak drinks, hide alcohol, take drinks when no one is looking)

A. No
B. Sometimes (or I do one of these things)
C. Yes (I do one or more of these things)

5Do you drink when stressed or as a response to stress?

A. No, it doesn’t fix anything
B. Occasionally, it will help me relax
C. Yes, I need to

6What does your social life look like?

A. Mostly non-drinking activities
B. Healthy mix of both drinking and non-drinking activities
C. I probably won’t go unless drinking is an option

7Drinking has affected…

A. Nothing
B. Work or school but only occasionally (have a couple of hangovers here and there)
C. Work or school or life in a noticeable way

8Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms?

A. No
B. Maybe?
C. Yes, so I kept drinking to end them

9Are you capable of going two weeks without drinking?

A. Yes
B. I’m not sure to be honest, but probably
C. I highly doubt it, why try

10Your level of drinking a year ago is…

A. The same as it always was. The same amount of drinks leaves me feeling the same way.
B. More than it used to be. I need to drink a little more to get the same effect.
C. Much more. It takes a significant number of drinks for me to feel the same effects.

11Do you drink…

A. Not at all, or only at social events
B. At social events, when with another person, and only occasionally alone
C. It doesn’t matter – I’ll drink alone, as well as with other people.

12Do you ever want “one more drink”?

A. No
B. Maybe at a party
C. Yes, I usually feel like I don’t get enough

13Do your family and friends…

A. Not comment on your drinking
B. Mention that you seem to be doing a bit more drinking
C. Mention that you may need help or drink too much and wish you would stop

14Have you or do you spend a lot of time or money on drinking?

A. No
B. Occasionally, I have spent too much or done a bit too much drinking.
C. Yes, drinking is a great hobby.

15Do you miss or cancel commitments or obligations due to alcohol or alcohol-related reasons?

A. No
B. Not often
C. Yes

16Blacking out is…

A. Not an issue
B. Once in a while occurrence
C. Unfortunate side effect of drinking

Answer Key – Am I An Alcoholic Quiz

Mostly As – That’s great! It seems as if you are either abstinent or have your drinking under control. That’s awesome, because then you don’t have to worry about dealing with alcoholism!  If you answered mostly As with a few Cs thrown in here and there, then make sure you are still taking precautions to safeguard yourself from developing a tolerance and starting down the road to alcohol abuse.

Mostly Bs – You are on the thin line that separates someone from enjoying alcohol to abusing alcohol. Some of the behaviors that you are engaging in are heavy drinking or alcohol abusing behaviors. Watch your alcohol intake VERY carefully, and learn the warning signs of alcoholism. You don’t want to look back one day and realize you stepped over the line and become an alcoholic or a high-functioning alcoholic.

Mostly Cs – The best suggestion would be to sit down and really assess how much alcohol means to you. Talk with someone you trust about your behaviors and perhaps seek the help and advisement of a professional. The actions of someone who chooses mostly C are those of someone with an Alcohol Use Disorder. If this is indeed the case (and I’m sure there will be some denial here), you will want to address this issue before it does more harm to you, your family, your health, and your life.