How Your Drinking Affects Others

Your Drinking Affects Others In More Ways Than You Realize

Drinking is a popular pastime for many. People enjoy drinking because of the effects that it provides – relaxation, stress relief, lowered inhibitions, and socialness. Even though these effects happen to one particular person, there are many others who are affected by the drinking too, though it may not be readily seen. Here are some of the ways your drinking affects others.

They have to account for your actions

When you drink, and depending on the number of drinks, you become less inhibited. You make choices you may not otherwise normally make. Because you may lack a filter, you can say rude or hurtful things, especially depending on the mood that you are in while you drink. Aside from that, you can become clumsy, break items, or potentially even assault or make unwanted advances towards someone. In all of these cases, another individual will have to account for your behavior and either apologize for you, or change their behavior to adjust to yours.  This is unfair. Someone else shouldn’t have to deal with an unpleasant or boundary-free drinker.

It might make sober individuals uncomfortable

Those who do not drink or are not used to you drinking may not know how to respond to you. Depending on how much you have drunk and the noticeable changes in your personality, this can put someone who is sober or a non-drinker in a very uncomfortable position of not knowing how to handle you.

Someone may have to take care of you

When you make the decision to drink, others may become responsible for your care. If you are unaware of your limit or imbibe too many drinks, you may need someone to drive you home. Other than that, if you blackout or vomit, you may be relying on someone else to bring you pills, food, and help you clean up and change clothes. Someone else will have to help you piece back together your night, if that is at all possible. Other people may have to prevent you from making poor choices or decisions while you are not in the correct frame of mind to do so.  Not only is this one of the most annoying ways that drinking too much affects others, it’s also one of the most embarrassing for everyone involved.

You could put them in danger

If you make the choice to drink and drive or think you are sober enough to drive, you could be putting others at risk. Other drivers, as well as pedestrians could be in danger of being hit or killed by a choice that you have made. You could also kill or injure others in your car if you are driving them around while intoxicated.  This is by far the most dangerous way your drinking affects others.

You could cost yourself or someone else a lot of money

If you get pulled over by a police officer, you would need bail money to be bailed out, as well as someone to pay fines, lawyer fees, and any other fees associated with this poor choice, if you don’t have the money yourself.

Aside from that, it also costs money to drink. Depending on how much and how often you drink, that could really add up. This is money that could go towards your family, towards bills, or daily life.  If you are abusing alcohol, you may eventually resort to borrowing money from other people and never paying them back. This poor use of money can result in a loss of trust with friends and family.

Additionally you could lose your job and become unable to care for yourself or others in your care. You could become unable to handle your responsibilities, and others would have to pick up your duties and tasks. If others are dependent on you, they either become the burden of someone else or suffer without the things they truly need.

Family life suffers

Your significant other or spouse may feel unloved or inadequate, as if you chose drinking over them, and it may cause a rift between you both. This rift can widen as time and drinking goes on. Additionally, the effect that it has on your partner may be negative as they question if it is something they are doing and cause further tension. Alcohol may cause you to react to conflict differently or more negatively and decrease productive communication.

If you have children, your drinking can affect them in many different ways. They may think that your drinking is somehow their fault. They may lash out at others, drift away from you, or even feel tense or on edge. If they are older, they may even model this behavior or feel that drinking is without consequences. Lastly, you undermine your authority when you are unable to function as a parental figure, and therefore your kids may lose respect for you as a parent.

When Your Drinking Affects Others Too Much

When you drink, there are many ripple effects. Oftentimes, heavy drinkers don’t think about what else happens besides the immediate feelings that a drink or many drinks will bring them. It is helpful to talk with those who love and care about you and find out what they think about drinking in general so you do not put anyone in an uncomfortable position or alienate others who love you.  Think about how your drinking affects others in your life that you care about, and ask yourself whether it might be time to get help.