Presidents Quiz: Drunk or Not?

U.S. Presidents: Drunk or Not?

A wise man once proclaimed “With great power comes great responsibility.” And it’s true, whether you’re a web-slinging superhero or the leader of the United States. In honor of Presidents’ Day, we take a look at some heads of state who may or may not have relied on alcohol during their time in office. See how well you fare with our “Drunk or Not?” Presidents Quiz:

1. Donald Trump (2017-):

Oh, Donald, you just can’t escape scrutiny. Your issues with women are quite apparent, and you love Tweeting whatever crosses your mind, no matter the relevancy. But do you turn to the bottle for inspiration? Is Donald Trump an alcoholic?

Yes! That would certainly explain part of his behavior! 


No, that’s at least one redeemable quality about him!

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2. Donald Trump (2017-):

Answer: Trump may be a lot of things, but he’s not a drunk. In fact, he doesn’t drink at all, citing fears of a genetic disposition because of his brother’s death from alcoholism. He’s sober when spewing his priceless bits of wisdom.


3. Bill Clinton (1993-2001):

Bill loved the ladies, his saxophone, and cigars. He also loved using his Southern charm to coyly evade questions, and naturally, attract said ladies. But did he carry on a penchant for once-favored Snakebites? Was Bill Clinton addicted to alcohol?

Yes! He was addicted to booze!


No, he shifted his attentions elsewhere!

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4. Bill Clinton (1993-2001):

Answer: No, Bill Clinton was not addicted to alcohol. Just as Bill curbed his appetite for Big Macs, he curtailed heavy drinking, presumably because of other more attractive distractions.


5. Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969):

The man behind Head Start, the Civil Rights Act, and the National Endowment for the Arts, had questionable dog daddy skills (grabbing his pup by the ears). But that indiscretion doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been hitting the sauce. Or does it? Was Lyndon B. Johnson a drunk?

Yes! His erratic behavior definitely suggests alcoholism!


No – no one is perfect!

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6. Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969):

Answer: Lyndon seems to have been a functioning alcoholic, often seen with cup in hand, and ordering Secret Service to keep the drinks coming. Hmmm, that’s what the men in black really do…


7. George W. Bush (2001-2009):

Whatever your political beliefs, you gotta love Georgie. He looks like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman, and gave hope to under-achievers that Daddy can still help you get to the top with little effort. So did he often celebrate that victory with booze?

Yes! Why wouldn’t he?


No, at least give him credit for that!

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8. George W. Bush (2001-2009):

Answer: Although W’s past included cocaine and a 1976 DUI, he didn’t care much for alcohol once in the White House. Like Trump, his actions (or lack thereof) were conducted sober.


9. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857):

The 14th POTUS didn’t exactly love, nor even like abolition. He was behind the Fugitive Slave Act, and Kansas-Nebraska Act, and vocally derided Lincoln’s anti-slavery views. Was alcohol possibly behind this nasty stance?

Yes! Alcohol clouded his judgement!


No, he didn’t need alcohol to fuel his hate!

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10. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857):

Answer: Franklin Pierce self-medicated with alcohol and was depressed because of war, marital woes, and the deaths of all three sons. He died at the age of 65, from cirrhosis.


11. John F. Kennedy (1961-1963):

Irish, good-looking, and Marilyn wasn’t his only mistress. Think JFK liked to keep the drinks flowing?

Yes! Look at others in the Kennedy clan!


No, not every Irishman loves liquor!

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12. John F. Kennedy (1961-1963):

Answer: JFK didn’t imbibe much – he juggled affairs, political and otherwise, without needing a drink to quell any nerves.


13. Richard Nixon (1969-1974):

Watergate – clear-headed ethical breaches, or buzzing with more than just wiretapping and theft?  Was Richard Nixon alcoholic?

Yes! Anything was possible with Dick!


No, he would have easily passed sobriety tests at any time!

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14. Richard Nixon (1969-1974):

Answer: Nixon got drunk a lot.  Thankfully, advisors intervened and saved us from who knows what else when Nixon was drunk.  Which was quite often.