Why Republicans Drink So Much

Why Do Republicans Drink So Much Alcohol?

Many studies show the differences between the drinking habits of Democrats vs. Republicans.  What we want to know is why Republicans drink so much, so let’s get to it.

Republicans Prefer Hard Liquor

Buzzfeed did a survey and found that Republicans prefer hard alcohol to beer and wine. Well, any liquor drinker knows that one drink is never enough. The taste of hard alcohol is usually smooth and one shot is hardly anything to most drinkers. What does that lead to? You guessed it, more alcohol.

To the same effect, people who like to do shots are more likely to want stricter immigration laws. This is exactly what Republicans believe in, and well, shot after shot can lead to a lot of drinking.

Republican Personality Traits and Drinking

The personality characteristics of Republicans vs. Democrats can have something to do with how much Republicans drink.

According to NERIS Analytics Limited, Republicans are more likely to be extraverted. This means that they are outgoing and derive energy from social situations. Since most social situations include alcohol, especially ones with high-level executives, government officials, etc., it makes sense that Republicans would be drinking a lot.

Republicans are also observant. Instead of looking within themselves for answers, they look to the outside world. We all know the outside world is a stressful, scary place. It’s enough to make anyone want to drink heavily. But in all seriousness, looking for answers to problems by observing what is going on in the world is extremely stressful, and it’s common for people to turn to alcohol for anxiety relief.

The study shows that Republicans are more likely to act on their thoughts, but their feelings are also important. This means that they may struggle often when it comes to making decisions. While their mind might tell them one thing, their feelings tell them something else. This can cause them so much anxiety that they turn to a drink for comfort.

The Republican political party is also made up of people who are assertive. They know what they want, and they won’t stop going after it. This assertiveness can get them riled up, and that can lead to a lot of problems with the way they speak to people and their actions. Alcohol can intensify aggression problems or help ease them, but that just brings in another problem – drinking too much.

Republican Personality Traits & Drinking

When Drinking Gets Out of Hand

Republicans can be known to be heavy drinkers, but this isn’t a stereotype that should be ignored. Many heavy drinkers are actually suffering from alcoholism – or alcohol addiction.

They can’t stop drinking alcohol because their body and mind do not feel as though they can function through the day without it. While it may have just been for fun or relaxation before, it’s quickly become a part of their chemistry. As the body becomes accustomed to a certain amount of alcohol, it will adjust, and more alcohol is needed for a drinker to feel the same effects.

Before too long, those dependent on alcohol will start to drink more and more. They will not know when to stop drinking because they don’t feel the same effects as they once did. This decreases their inhibitions, causes them to make rash decisions, and act in ways that they normally would not.

It’s important that if you ever see a friend or family member who is drinking alcohol on a daily basis to discuss alcoholism with him or her. It’s possible your loved one will wave it away and chock it up to just needing a drinky drink, but keep an eye on it. In time, you will be able to see if it’s just a drink or if it’s more of an addiction.

If you’re reading this and feel uncomfortable because you know you’ve been drinking way more than you should, it might be time to consider speaking to someone about your alcohol consumption. You can call someone right now to find out if your drinking has gotten out of control, and then find out how to quit. Just call 888-487-0395.

Editor’s Note: This is part of a new series of articles “Alcoholism Across The Nation” that features the struggles of alcohol addiction across the United States.  These articles show us what alcoholism really means in America today, both the big picture and on a more local, meaningful level.  To contribute information, statistics, or a guest post to this series, email our Managing Editor at [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Contributor”.