20 Fun & Romantic Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

Sober & In Love? Romantic Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

Thinking up an awesome date for Valentine’s Day can be quite stressful, especially since most people are quite accustomed to the traditional dinner, drinks, and a movie, or something else involving alcohol.  But Valentine’s Day can still be exciting even without alcohol with these 20 fun romantic and alcohol-free date ideas that are anything but ordinary!


Since it is still cold (in some places) this date requires a little more planning. If you’re outdoors, have a warm blanket and hot cocoa ready! If you’re in a warmer area, all you’ll need to make sure you bring is your knowledge of (or google) the constellations and stars! Don’t forget to make a wish!

2Go to the Drive-In

This old-school but still fun and romantic date is great for the winter! You can enjoy a movie in the warmth of your car, as well as bring your own snacks and munchies.  Since you’ll be in your car, this is an easy alcohol-free date for anyone in recovery.  And if you start paying more attention to each other rather than the movie, no one is there to mind!

3Cook Together

This is a great date to learn more about your partner. Pick a dish from a random magazine or from a list of recipes and recreate it with your own flair.  You could also bake something special for each other and sample the creations. 

4Half & Half Date

If you want to be sure that both parties have a great time, then have a half & half date. The idea behind this is to let one person plan half of the date while the other person plans the other half. Just be sure to clarify if you are planning something that you like or that your date would like so you’re both guaranteed to enjoy it.

5Learn Something New

Take a new class together one time (or more if you enjoy it). There are so many to choose from, such as photography, pottery, cake decorating, and cooking 101. If you’re interested in it, there is probably a class for it.

6Take a Weekend Trip

A weekend getaway sounds relaxing and intimate. Perhaps a better date for committed couples, this trip can rejuvenate the relationship and help breathe new life into a relationship.

7Sample Mocktails

Create a slew of romantic mocktails and sample them to see what you like best. Then enjoy them with dessert for a super sweet alcohol-free date!

8Double Date

Call up another couple that you enjoy hanging out with and go on a date. Double dates mean double the fun! If you run out of ideas for things to do or topics to talk about, there is a other couple to help keep the awkwardness at bay!

9Silent Night

Try a silent date. Communicate with your partner using non-verbal signals and hand gestures. This date requires patience and a lot of attention and may be best if the date night is at home. However, it is sure to strengthen you’re communication skills and understanding of each other.

10Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a great activity in general, but tailor this one to Valentines day. Hide items or prizes around for your date to find and send them on a mini scavenger hunt around the house or apartment. If you’re really daring, you can send them around the city while you accompany them. If you do send them around the city, make sure the prize is something great!

11Dinner & Dancing

A more traditional date, but still not the typical dinner and a movie. This is great because after talking at dinner, dancing is a great way to get close without being uncomfortable. It is also a great workout, and just generally a lot of fun.

12Plan Surprises

Plan a date full of surprises. Don’t tell your date where you’re going or what you’re doing. This date works best if there is more than one thing involved, although any surprise is better than no surprise! Going from surprise to surprise is sure to be one BIG surprise for him or her.

13Do a Workout Challenge Together

Perhaps you’re not too into Valentine’s day but you still want to do something sweet together. How about a workout! You can cheer each other on, and help each other meet a goal. Working out together is nice because not only are you doing something healthy together, you’re still bonding and exercise releases endorphins.

14Hands On (Massages)

A couples massage can be a pretty great date! After all not many people would oppose a free massage, and getting a couple massage can increase the intimacy factor between you and your date.

15Tailored Talk & Bucket List

Plan a talk with some insightful questions that aim to get to know your date. If you’re already in a relationship, gear these questions towards gaining a deeper understanding of your partner and their life path. You can also use these questions to plan a joint bucket list, which can be a lot of fun to complete as other dates!

16Host & Hostess

Host a small, intimate lunch or dinner event. While, it is not just the two of you, it can be fun if you play couples games, and help relieve some of the pressure and expectations that one or both parties may have.

17Play Pretend

Take on the personas of other people. This date is kind of like role play – but a more innocent version. Go through the night with whatever plans you have with the personas that you chose and see how liberating and fun it can be.

18DIY Activity

Create something that is a token or symbol of your love if you’re an established couple. If you’re just dating create two things to give to each other or one to symbolize the start of something special. Sweet ideas include a picture frame, collage, decorated mugs or whatever you can find in the craft store!

19Adult Play Date

Play board games. Take turns with different types of games like Valentine’s Jenga (write cute notes on the sides of the blocks), Scrabble (try to keep it to a Valentine’s theme), or even Taboo!

20All Day Date

For those who have the day off, plan an all day date. Mix and match various alcohol-free date ideas to make a unique day spent with someone you truly care for.

Happy Sober Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be special and full of enjoyment without including alcohol. As long as you plan the date with your special someone in mind, there’s nothing else needed!