15 Reasons to Quit Pain Pills and Alcohol

Pain Pills and Alcohol: A Good Way to Ruin Your Life

Pain pills and alcohol often go hand-in-hand. Often, people start using painkillers after they’ve suffered an injury. The doctor prescribed the addictive drug to relieve discomfort during recuperation, and in just a matter of a few days, an addiction has formed.

Pain pills numb the body in many ways. It not only finds the source of the discomfort to desensitize the nerves, but it also alters the person’s mind to reduce the painful sensations. Together, it leaves a person feeling at ease – free from pain, and sometimes, that includes not only physical pain, but mental, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Stopping pain pills means facing the pain of reality. All of sudden, the person starts to feel not only mild physical discomfort, but starts to react to life. This can be a miserable realization after being numb to it all for a while.

What happens then? The person finds a way to continue taking the pain pills, and they are now suffering from prescription drug addiction.

When Alcohol Comes Into Play

Pain pills aren’t always effective in numbing all the pain. Sometimes, uncomfortable feelings may seep in mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Taking more pain pills is an option for some people, but since they tend to run out quickly, some have discovered that alcohol seems to also do the same job.

Alcohol intensifies the work of pain pills. 

Drinking alcohol and using pain pills is a dangerous decision. People do it, and for a long time, because they can’t stop. They don’t only suffer from an alcohol addiction and a painkiller addiction, but they also become an addict of the actual effects of them or absence of feelings.

Understanding the dangers of alcohol and pain pills can help you see that it’s not the best way to go when you’re trying to deal with life.

Reasons People Should Quit Using Alcohol and Pain Pills

You know it’s not good for your body, but you can’t seem to stop on your own. This is normal.

A part of quitting alcohol and pain pills is accepting that you truly don’t want to harm yourself anymore. Hopefully, the following reasons will bring you several steps closer to this decision to get help.

1You Could Stop Breathing

You may not even realize you’re not breathing when this happens, which means you won’t know to call 9-1-1. Depressed breathing can slow down your breaths to the point where you completely stop.

2Dropping Into a Coma Is Common

One day, you could slip into a coma and never wake up. If you don’t remain in a permanent coma, you may end up dying.

3You Could Fall Down the Stairs

Loss of coordination and balance could cause you to tumble down stairs, which could lead to serious injuries or death depending on how you fall. If you don’t normally go up and down stairs, this situation could happen anywhere, and if you end up falling on something like a ceramic sink in the bathroom, you could end up with a concussion.

4Risk of Overdose

Alcohol and pain pills will decrease in effectiveness over time, which means you’ll likely want to take more to feel the same effects. If you end up taking too much, you could end up overdosing.


Alcohol and opioids aren’t cheap. Many people addicted to them will use their life savings to get as much as they can to support their habit. The next thing they know, they’ve gone bankrupt.

6Ends Marriages or Relationships

Alcohol and painkillers become everything. There’s no time for a spouse or a significant other because time is spent getting alcohol and doctor shopping for pain pills. Not to mention the many negative effects your addictions have on your loved ones.

7Wrecks Your Liver

Your liver is what detoxifies your body. It doesn’t see alcohol or drugs as something healthy that should remain in your body. This means it goes into overdrive to rid your body of them, and this can lead to liver damage. People die from liver damage.

8Can Lead to Job Loss

Keeping up an alcohol and pain pill addiction is a full time job. You not only have to make sure you have enough to drink and a supply of painkillers, but you then spend a lot of time drinking and popping pills.  This lowers your productivity and can affect your behavior and performance at your job. The effects from both substances can make it nearly impossible to work.

9Depresses You

As much as alcohol and pain pills may have helped you when you didn’t want to feel anything, over time, feeling nothing is depressing. Life is about the highs and lows, and when you don’t have any of them, you end up in a situation where you don’t see a reason to live.

10Suicide Risk Increases

Since depression sets in as you become more preoccupied with alcohol and drugs, you start feeling like there’s no way out of it. You’re addicted, and stopping means dealing with the withdrawals, and that is way too much to handle. You could end up committing suicide because you feel hopeless.

11Anger Can Lead You to Prison

What if you can’t quit your addictions? You’ve spent all your money. Doctors have stopped giving you prescriptions. Your family has left you. Withdrawals set in when you don’t have enough alcohol to drink or pills to pop. This all leaves you angry. You snap at everyone, and you may even feel as though you’ll lash out on the next person to make you mad. This could end up leading you to hurt someone, which means going to prison.

12You’ll End Up Alone

Loneliness is hard to deal with, even when you’re numb because of your addictions. You look around, and there’s no one there. You thought alcohol and pain pills were going to make life better for you, but instead, they took everything away from you.

13They Won’t Do Anything for You

After drinking alcohol and using painkillers for awhile, your body won’t respond to them as they did when you first started to use them. You increase the dose and still nothing. All of sudden, you’re just using to keep the withdrawals away, not because they help you deal with life anymore.

14You Get Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

You don’t feel awesome. You’re tired. The hustle of getting alcohol and drugs is exhausting. You end up realizing it wasn’t as great as you thought it would be, and wish you had never started.

15You Fail to See Recovery Is Possible

Alcohol and drugs like opioids are powerful. They change your thoughts and feelings. You don’t BELIEVE you can recover from your addiction. Alcohol and pain pills tell you that you are theirs forever.

This is NOT true.  Recovery is possible.  You can save yourself from this addiction.  It starts here.  Call our 24/7 addiction helpline today for relief from your addiction to alcohol and pain pills.

You now have MANY reasons to quit. Don’t let yourself remain in a prison of addiction. BREAK OUT. You got this, and you will do it. Just make it happen with one phone call.