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Read this collection of articles to learn more about alcoholics & how to help them.  Having a few drinks with friends or family members does not necessarily mean that a person is an alcoholic, especially, if such a person does not depict any signs of alcoholism. However, if it gets to a level where an individual cannot live without taking alcohol, then it means such a person is an alcoholic. Instead of thinking on how to quit alcohol, alcoholics take much of their time thinking about the next drink because they see alcohol as a solution to their physical and emotional problems. Some even try to quit without success.

New medical images suggest that alcoholics may have differences in their brain structures. This can lead to changes in the brain’s chemistry, including the hormones that make someone feel soothed or happy. Some physicians have performed autopsies on the bodies of alcoholics to determine if their brains have damage. Some of the brains revealed damage in certain areas of the brain, and many alcoholics have a deficiency in thiamine, causing a mood disorder such as depression.

Alcohol is very addictive. The more people take alcohol, the more they develop tolerance to the drug, leading to alcoholism. Repetitive alcohol consumption conditions the body of a person in a way that it always expects alcohol to be in the system. This may result in alcohol withdrawal syndrome, a condition in which the body reacts negatively to the absence of alcohol in the blood of the affected person. Since alcoholism is dangerous to the body and may lead to fatal complications such as cirrhosis of the liver, it is important for alcoholics to seek medical help as soon as the signs of alcoholism begin to show up.

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