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People should be made aware of the true definition of binge drinking and how alcohol abuse actually begins.  These articles tell about the effects, dangers, and consequences of binge drinking.

Bingeing on alcohol is common in college students, as well as in drinkers of all ages. It doesn’t always lead to alcoholism, but it can contribute to the problem.  Drinking that interferes with daily life is a sign of addiction, as is frequent binge drinking. It’s common for people with alcoholism to plan on only having one or two drinks and find themselves consuming far more. If you or somebody you know experience some of the signs of problem drinking, get help.  The problem won’t get better on its own, and nobody should feel ashamed if they need help with their drinking.

Effects of Binge Drinking
Binge Drinking Effects You Should Know Binge drinking is nothing new. It has been a favorite pastime of teens and young adults for years....
Drinking To Cope With a Broken Heart
Does Drinking Alcohol Actually Help You Beat Your Breakup? A breakup is a very stressful event. For some, it is even grief inducing. Depending...
How Pre-Gaming & Too Much Alcohol Can Kill You | Addicted To Alcohol
How People Can Get Seriously Injured, Sick or Killed From Drinking Too Much Alcohol While Pre-Gaming When it involves watching a favorite team or...
Binge Drinking In College
College Binge Drinking and Alcoholism Many people see drinking as a kind of normal part of college life.  Most young adults who go to...

Must Read

Must Read

Convince An Addict To Get Alcohol Treatment

Convincing an Alcohol Addict To Get Treatment Alcohol is an addictive and seductive drug. It alters the addict’s way of thinking and behaving. Many people...

Does Alcohol Lead to Gun Violence?

Does Alcohol Lead to Gun Violence?
Alcohol And Guns Not long ago, a young man in Canada chased his mother around her home with a gun.  When she fell down,...

Can Alcoholics Drink?

Can Alcoholics Drink
Can Alcoholics Drink? It has been the common opinion of 12-step support groups for alcoholics that alcoholics must observe strict abstinence from alcohol. The position...

What Recovering Addicts Say

What Recovering Addicts Say | Addicted To Alcohol
What Recovering Addicts Say Many people who are recovering from Alcohol Abuse Disorder (AUD) suggest that people who don’t know what it’s like to be...

Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame

Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame
Swinging From The Chandeliers: Alcoholism & Shame Alcoholism is a complex disorder that only recently we have begun to understand. Researchers are still discovering and...