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Consequences of Drinking Alcohol

The immediate and long-term ramifications of alcohol make a difference in your body, lifestyle and mental health. Knowing the real life consequences of drinking can help you make better choices about drinking alcohol.

These articles go over consequences of drinking and topics like:

Alcohol’s effects on your body and appearance
Alcohol’s consequences on your mental health and brain
Underage drinking
Alcohol-related diseases
Effects of alcohol on breastfeeding, fertility, being pregnant, etc.

What Are the consequences of Alcohol?
Long-term alcohol misuse poses great hazards to the alcoholic’s physical, mental, psychological, social and religious health. Furthermore, alcoholism can lead to serious ramifications for the alcoholic’s job, friends, and family.

Alcoholism can cause irreversible harm to critical organs and body systems like the liver, nervous system, heart, stomach, intestines, and brain.  There are many health consequences of drinking. Alcoholics frequently have these difficulties and other health issues.

Common health consequences include:

High blood circulation pressure
Sexual problems
Stomach problems
Osteoporosis (especially in women)

Alcoholism often triggers severe social outcomes on someone’s life as well. Being drunk or chronically hungover at work frequently brings about termination from employment, causing the alcoholic and their dependents severe financial trouble. Violence, marital discord, legal problems and social isolation are also common results of alcoholism, which might also be worsened by any co-occurring disorders.

Find out more about the Consequences of Drinking Alcohol in these articles.

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