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Read these articles about drinking and driving to learn more about this disastrous and dangerous combination.

No matter how tolerant a person thinks that they are to alcohol, it will have a negative effect on their driving ability. It is common to hear a person boast about how well they drive after they drink, but this is just plain foolishness. Alcohol impacts everybody’s ability to drive safely.

If you drink so often that driving after a drink or two becomes a normal means of transportation, you’re a risky drinker. Even a slight increase in blood alcohol can dull your reaction times and put other drivers and pedestrians at risk! Whether it’s due to an inability to admit that you’re inebriated or an unwillingness to pay for a cab, doing this at all indicates you have a “problematic” relationship with alcohol.

Alcoholism in Truck Drivers
Alcoholism in Truck Drivers Truck drivers have a difficult job which entails being away from home and loved ones for a prolonged period of...
Download DANGERS OF DRINKING AND DRIVING PDF Driving drunk is one of the most irrational decisions that an individual can ever make. Often, even...

Must Read

Must Read

Alcoholism on College Campuses

Alcoholism on College Campuses
How Much College Drinking is Too Much? College is an exciting time in young people’s lives. Most of them are living away from home and/or...

Alcoholic Narcissists Can Make Life Miserable

Alcoholic Narcissists Can Make Life Miserable
Damaging Effects of Living with an Alcoholic Narcissist Which came first, your loved one's alcoholism, or narcissistic personality disorder...

When Alcohol Abuse Leads To Sexual Assault

When Alcohol Abuse Leads to Sexual Assault
The Influence of Alcohol in Sexual Assault Lately, there have been many highly profiled stories about sex scandals.  Quite a few of these scandals involved...

Presidents Quiz: Drunk or Not?

Presidents Quiz: Drunk or Not?
U.S. Presidents: Drunk or Not? A wise man once proclaimed “With great power comes great responsibility.” And it's true, whether you're a web-slinging superhero or...

Lucky St. Patty’s Day Mocktails!

St. Patrick's Day Mocktails | Non-Alcoholic Cocktails | Addicted To Alcohol
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