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Dual Diagnosis in Alcohol Addiction Treatment is an incredibly simple concept, and is highly effective at treating alcoholism, although the addiction treatment establishment has been slow to embrace it due to the expertise required for the discipline.

Dual Diagnosis describes a therapy approach that incorporates determining any co-occurring disorders, which are often the underlying cause(s) for addiction.

For instance, you can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling or a blend of things. And you may have psychiatric disorders that include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, depression, borderline personality disorder, or panic attacks, among others.

A high functioning alcoholic can suffer from a mood condition. A crack addict can suffer from clinical depression. A bulimic person can be bipolar.

It is this double nature of dual diagnosis that the vast majority of addicts are missing out on, with underlying conditions that remain largely undiagnosed, untreated, and greatly accountable for the sky-high prevalence of relapse.  Learn more about dual diagnosis with this collection of articles.  If you would like to submit an article or request an article, please contact the editor at Kylah@AddictedToAlcohol.com.

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Alcohol and Suicidal Thoughts: The Terrifying Statistics - Alcohol and Suicide - Alcohol Suicide
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Social Anxiety Drinking: Does Alcohol Cause More Stress?
Alcohol's Power In Social Interactions Social anxiety can be a very debilitating condition for some people. Some individuals turn to alcohol to find relief...
Depression And Alcoholism
Co-Occurring Alcoholism & Depression Mental health issues are often a major contributing factor in alcoholism. Recovery from alcohol addiction must incorporate treatments to treat...
Depression and Alcohol Abuse, What you need to know A true “chicken-and-egg” relationship exists between habitual alcohol consumption and the disease of depression. It...

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