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Functional Alcoholics is a term is used for people who are addicted to alcohol, but manage to carry on with their daily tasks. When you consistently bring alcohol into places that don’t serve it, then you might be a functional alcoholic. Read our articles about functional alcoholics to learn more.

If you’ve been invited to a night out with the co-workers, and before you even walk out the door you tell yourself, “I’ll just bring a flask”, “I’ll stop by the convenience store for a beer”, “this purse is perfect for carrying a bottle of wine”, or something similar, then you may be a functional alcoholic, a term developed by Researchers at the National institute of Health.

Addiction is troublesome, and when you (or someone you know) consistently bring alcohol into places that do not serve it, such as some movie theaters, church, school performances, or an office party, then you’re skating on thin ice. Just because it can be done doesn’t make it right or legal for that matter. An open container while driving can be a costly expense, and a drink inside a theater, public event or other place that doesn’t allow alcohol can get you fined, banned, or both.

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