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These articles about Functioning Alcoholics can help give you the information you need to jump start your recovery from alcoholism. A functional alcoholic can maintain a level of control over their life that often leads them to think that they are functioning just fine, even though they are dependent on alcohol. Treatment for a high functioning alcoholic may include detox, day treatment (partial hospitalization), outpatient treatment, and aftercare.  Functioning alcoholics are at increased risk for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). If you’re a functional alcoholic experiencing bad withdrawal symptoms, don’t hesitate to call 911 or go to a rehab or detox center for help.

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Must Read

When Alcohol Abuse Leads To Sexual Assault

When Alcohol Abuse Leads to Sexual Assault
The Influence of Alcohol in Sexual Assault Lately, there have been many highly profiled stories about sex scandals.  Quite a few of these scandals involved...

What To Do When Detox Isn’t Enough

What To Do When Detox Isn't Enough
Detox Is Not Enough Getting sober after alcohol addiction is a great accomplishment! However, being newly sober or continuing an alcohol-free lifestyle can be very...

Can You Get Addicted To Alcohol?

Six Important Statistics About Alcoholism In the United States There are several ways that someone can become addicted to alcohol. There are approximately 18 million...

Binge Drinking In College

Binge Drinking In College
College Binge Drinking and Alcoholism Many people see drinking as a kind of normal part of college life.  Most young adults who go to college...

Mocktails Made Easy For a Sober Holiday Season

Mocktails for a Sober Holiday Season Let’s face it. Booze is a big part of the holiday season. And when you’re in recovery, it’s enough...