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Is a one week rehab possible?  Is a one week rehab from alcohol abuse sufficient?  The length of rehab varies greatly, depending upon the severity of the alcohol abuse and the presence of underlying mental health conditions.  In general, however, inpatient programs last for about 4 weeks or as long as 90 days. Outpatient programs last for about 10 weeks or as long as a year.  During this period, the recovering alcoholic will learn how to live life without using alcohol as a coping mechanism.  They learn practical practical matters such as how to develop social connections to replace the time spent in drinking establishments, how to repair relationships with family and friends that were damaged by alcoholic behavior, and how to avoid situations that may lead to being triggered and relapsing. A person who has abused alcohol for many years and is now ready to live a sober life may have only limited resources in terms of money and insurance coverage.  The idea of spending weeks or months in a rehab facility may seem to be an absolute impossibility.  For parents of minor children, the prospect of months in rehab begs the question of who will care for the children in the meantime.  Insurance programs which provide coverage for alcohol detox and rehab generally impose a limit of a number of days. So is a one week rehab from alcohol abuse sufficient? Read our articles about alcohol rehab to find out.

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