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Paying For Rehab Articles & Information

These articles can help you navigate the ins and outs of paying for rehab, understanding your insurance coverage, and finding an addiction treatment center that accepts your insurance coverage.

There are quite a few insurance coverage options that are available to people who are looking for treatment for their alcohol addiction.  Insurance coverage, when it comes to addiction rehabilitation, is a pivotal concern in today’s world since the cost of treatment out of pocket can be steep.  Private health insurance companies and group plans usually compensate for at least a portion of inpatient or outpatient treatment for almost every type of addiction.

When you are looking for help with figuring out whether addiction treatment is covered in your insurance policy or not, or if you want to find out whether a program is partially or wholly covered by an insurance plan, you can either get in touch with your health insurance provider, or just call an addiction treatment hotline number (like ours) to talk to someone who can run your insurance for you and match you to a treatment center that is covered.

Costs that are covered by health insurance

Different plans cover a policyholder according to his or her agreement with the insurance company. Addiction treatment coverage is expected to cover certain aspects that are medically essential. These include procedures for alcoholism treatment such as diagnosis, detoxification, medication, inpatients services, and counseling. Any services that are not medically important cannot be covered. Insurance companies cannot pay for luxuries such as recreational programs, gourmet foods, and many other nonmedical services that are offered in high-end rehabilitation centers.

Costs that are incurred by a policyholder

A policyholder is the required to bear some costs before he or she qualifies to be covered by a plan. They include premium, deductibles, coinsurance expenditures, and lifetime limitations. The amount of money paid depends on the insurance plan that a person chooses.


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