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This collection of articles covers all the signs of alcohol addiction, ranging from common signs to the highly unusual. While the signs of alcohol addiction vary from person to person, the underlying effects are the same. See if you or someone you know exhibits any of these signs of alcohol addiction.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they cannot quit, even when they try. The body’s dependency makes stopping very difficult. Anyone suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction should seek help and treatment. There is life after addiction.

Identifying the signs of addiction

One of the reasons why some people do not seek help in overcoming addiction is because they cannot identify the signs of addiction. Here are some of the signs of alcohol use disorder to be aware of.

  • Consuming more alcohol for longer than the person intended
  • Drinking interferes with family, causes job troubles or leads to school problems
  • Having to drink more than before in order to get the desired effects
  • Several unsuccessful attempts to stop drinking
  • A strong urge to drink
  • Denial of excessive alcohol use
  • Frequently getting into situations that increase chances of getting hurt after drinking alcohol
  • Continued drinking despite the related physical and psychological problems
    When these and other signs become evident, it would be time to consider seeking treatment. If the treatment is to be beneficial to the patient, it should be designed to meet their unique needs.

Don’t Be Complicit In Alcoholism

It’s surprisingly easy to fall down the slippery slope from “normal” social drinking to an unhealthy relationship with booze, especially because it’s legal. To make matters worse, our media and the alcohol industry have helped glamorize—and normalize—patterns of drinking that can be not only dangerous but addictive. Culturally, we are complicit in this double standard; risky drinking is normal behavior, but not something we talk about. So where is the line between having a little fun and dangerous territory? Have you passed it?

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