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Alcohol withdrawal can have a range of effects, some of which can be medically dangerous. Some common symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol are shaking, anxiety, the desire for a drink, delirium tremens (DTs), confusion, fever, and rapid heartbeat.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically start to show 6 to 8 hours after decreasing or quitting drinking, continuing to worsen for the first 2 to 3 days, climaxing between 24 hours to 1 week in, with some withdrawal symptoms that may not subside for weeks.

Tapering off of alcohol, as opposed to quitting cold turkey, involves drinking only enough to remove the symptoms of withdrawal or at least make them manageable.  But if you start to feel the effects of Delirium Tremens, better known as the DTs, you need to seek medical help immediately.

The road to recovery is never easy and the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox from alcohol is, without doubt, one of the worst parts of the recovery process.

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