Today, many people struggle with alcohol, and it is hard to stop drinking when it seems as though alcoholic beverages are so prevalent in society. Whether a person finds that they drink too much alcohol on social occasions or struggles with an outright addiction, it is important to protect the body from the dangerous effects of too much alcohol consumption. Fortunately, it is possible to stop drinking alcohol by using these natural strategies.

Switch to Drinking Juice

Drinking alcohol often becomes a habit, and it helps to find something healthy that can stand in for that drink after work. Juice is an excellent substitute for alcohol because it is used in many different beverages, and it contains vitamins and antioxidants that help start the healing process. For best results, a person should consider making their juice at home using a juicing machine or hand-operated juicer because fresh juice contains the highest level of cleansing properties.

Practice Mindfulness

One problem that many people struggle with is constant thoughts about drinking alcohol. Mindfulness simply involves focusing one’s mind on only the events that are occurring right at that moment. For instance, a person may choose to think about how the water feels as they wash the dishes, or they may continue to bring their mind back to the sensations created by relaxing as they read a book. Turning one’s thoughts toward positive experiences helps to prevent cravings for alcohol.

Start Doing Yoga

Alcohol is often used as a way to relax after a long day, yet it is actually a stimulant that generates more tension in the body and mind. Therefore, it is better for a person to find actual relaxing activities such as yoga that they can do instead of drinking alcohol. Since yoga allows one to progress from beginner levels to more advanced poses, this also gives a person a long-term goal to work toward as they heal from their desire to drink alcohol.

Join a Support Group

Those who struggle with over-drinking should be willing to reach out to others who also need to stop drinking so much alcohol. Many types of support groups exist for alcohol cessation so it is important for a person to explore the different types to find one that is the best fit.

Drink Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are one of the best natural ways to stop drinking alcohol because a tea made from this flower not only helps curb cravings, but it also helps to detoxify the liver. The warm drink can also stand in for a person’s daily alcoholic beverages so that they still enjoy a special drink that is healthier.

Eat More Grapes

Grapes contain components that are used to make alcoholic beverages such as wine. However, grapes that have not been through the fermentation process will not affect a person’s body like alcohol. Instead, they help with recovery by serving as a source of flavonoids while also providing a boost of potassium that helps to cleanse the kidneys.

Start a Journal

Negative emotions are a common trigger for those who crave alcohol. For this reason, a person should find healthier ways to release pent up emotions before they turn into a desire to drown them out with alcohol. Writing in a journal provides an outlet for a person to release their emotions without having to worry about judgment. This also serves as a distraction that will take one’s mind off of the desire to drink.

Sweat It Out

When a person stops drinking alcohol, it is common for the body to respond by going through a state of withdrawal. Exercising can help to release the toxins created by alcohol from the skin so that a person can begin to enjoy a faster recovery. From running to playing a rousing game of basketball, any type of physical activity that gets the heart rate up will also generate a response that makes it possible to stop drinking alcohol.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has multiple benefits for those who prefer natural remedies for their health issues. For alcohol cessation, coconut oil helps to reduce the amount of yeast that exists in the body so that a person experiences fewer sugar cravings. Since sugar and alcohol cravings are closely intertwined, this works by making a person less likely to even want to drink alcohol.

Drink Bitter Gourd

Bitter melon is known for reducing toxins in the body while also stimulating healing of the liver. To use this method, one only needs to mix three teaspoons of bitter gourd extract into a glass of buttermilk to drink. This mixture should be used for several months or until the craving for alcohol has disappeared.

Create a Signature Non-Alcoholic Drink

There are times when it is hard not to drink alcohol simply because of the social pressure. For this reason, many people find that creating a signature drink that does not contain alcohol helps them squeeze through these difficult social occasions. Simply let the bartender or host know how to make the beverage. Then, a person can walk through the party with a drink in their hand without having to indulge in alcohol.

Natural remedies for drinking too much alcohol offer many benefits over medications since they allow the body to fully detox without adding further chemicals to the system. Additionally, a person can choose to use one or all of these strategies together to help their body and mind recover from overindulging. By understanding the most effective ways to eliminate alcohol from their system and daily routine, a person can look forward to a future that is full of health and vitality